Christian Laiontini


Italian-Spanish actor and performer graduated from R.E.S.A.D. Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramatico - Madrid. He stands out in several theatrical piécès between Spain and Italy and pupil/actor of Eimuntas Nekrošiuse. Between 20 and 25 years old he travels the world as a dancer for Nike and Adidas. He is also active in Italian cinema and TV. He takes part in the Film "Thanks for Vasellina" based on the play "Carrozzerie Orfeo" directed by Gabriele Di Luca, and also in successful TV series such as "Il Cacciatore" directed by Davide Marengo and "I Medici 2" directed by Jan Michelini. Terrence Malick's film "The last planet" is coming out.


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